18 More Days of Anticipation

Friends... in a little over two weeks I will be departing from my continent to arrive in Italy for a great adventure.

 This opportunity arose when I first started nannying for my high school History/Psychology teacher. He brings groups of students on educational tours all over the world and he recommended I venture on the next one. I happily excepted the invitation and have been earning money since then to be able to broaden my horizons. I am more than excited for this endeavor! I will be visiting the cities of Assisi, Florence, and Rome. If you have any suggestions for restaurants or lovely places, I would love to add them to my "must-do" list. I cannot wait to share with you the beautiful moments I capture there. 

Here are some pictures I was ecstatic to find. ITALY, HERE I COME!

Truly // Sarah


DIY | Table Centerpiece

       For those couples who may be staying in this Valentine's Day, because you desire to avoid all of the hustle and bustle it brings, you might be interested in this little project. I created this table centerpeice to shape a romantic atmosphere for my love and I on Valentines Day. 
     My boyfriend, Nathan and I are quite the home bodies. Don't get me wrong we love dressing up and going out, but we do our best to dodge loud and crowded environments. Especially when we want to be able to talk and listen to each other. It's hard to enjoy each other's company to the fullest when a stranger is sitting, literally, at the same table as you. So we decided to stay in, save money, make dinner together, and set up a moment that's especially sweet.
      This project is fairly cheap and pretty easy to create. I had lots of fun making this lovely centerpiece for the dinner table. Here's how I did it...

Supplies needed:
>Pressed Flowers
>Paint brush
>Painter's tape
>A bag of pine firewood (Price Cutter)
>Minwax Polyurethane (Walmart)
>Acrylic or Silicone aerosol spray (Hobby Lobby)
{Any other decorative objects you would like to use to create a unique look. I used forest animal figurines, a doily, and a vintage candle stick and wooden candle holder.}

Step 1: Coat the wood with the Polyurethane. This makes the wood look a lot nicer and creates a deeper brown, which you'll love.
Step 2: Tape around the edges of the wood, so that you don't coat anything unnecessary (less mess). Place the pressed flowers on the wood & apply 2-3 Coats of acrylic spray.
Step 3:  Allow 24 hours to dry. Decide the following day if you want to apply any extra coats.

Step 4: Arrange the lovely pieces on your dinner table. Add any accessories you desire. I wanted to shape a romantic forest-like feeling so I added a few deer figurines.
 This project is super simple and extremely customizable! There are so many different things you can do with it. The great thing about it, is you can keep it as a centerpiece all spring. You and your honey can constantly be reminded of the special night you held each other's hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends!

Truly // Sarah 


An Introduction.

Hi! I’m so beyond glad that you’re here! I hope you’re as excited as I am for what I have in store for this little place I call my own. I figured I’d start off with reasoning behind why I am beginning this blog and what it’s all about for me. I am going to fill this space with tons of things that will express my passions: my loves in life. You guys will soon begin to get a sense of where my heart lies. When I try to label the things that I find so intriguing I must document them, one main thing is held in common. Everything is beautiful.

 I have come to a (what seems to me) strange realization…that beauty consumes me. The amount of beauty in this world is extraordinary and I long to highlight each moment that stands out to me. There is beauty in nearly every moment if you are open to seeing it.
So, friends I hope that you will find the small things I find captivating in my life beautiful too. Welcome to my blog, I can’t wait to start this exciting new relationship!

Truly // Sarah

{The very talented Nathan Stracke (my boyfriend) took all of these pretty photo's for me the other day. This abandoned house was my Mom’s first house when she moved out of her parents’ house. It’s on some forty acres that we rent and it’s still absolutely lovely, but sadly completely ruined.}