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Hello lovely readers. Alexa here to share with you my go-to eye makeup. I love this eye because you can dress it up or down, depending on the lip. Lets begin!

I start by prepping the area around my eye and create my brows (you can find my brow tutorial here). Normally, I would prep my eye and finish my shadow before applying my foundation, but for the sake of the tutorial, I went ahead and finished everything. I do that to keep the fall-out from the eye shadow from my face.
Next, I apply a taupe or ash brown shadow to my crease, and into the outer corner. I apply it with a bigger shadow brush, like the one shown in the photo. I make sure to follow my natural eye shape while doing this. 

After that, I use a smaller, more precise brush to apply a warmer brown to the outer corner, and halfway up the crease. This color also goes on the bottom lash line. I apply by looking upward and sweeping back and forth. 

A deeper brown is then applied to the outer corner and blended slightly along the top lash line. I use an off white shadow on the lid, inner corner and brow bone, and then blend with the same brush.

I take an angled brush and dip it in my liner, and draw a small line starting from the corner of my eye, and drawing toward the end of my brow. I create a small triangle and fill it in, and then continue brushing my liner along my top lash line. 

Using a white pencil, I color in my water line on the bottom, and also the inner corner. This will make the eyes appear bigger.

Finish off with some mascara.

 Thanks for reading! 

Have a lovely Valentine's Day from Alexa & Sarah.