Transform the Mundane | Tips for a happier week

-Put your head phones in while grocery shopping & listen to something up beat, don't be afraid to bust a dance move or mouth the lyrics to your favorite song.
-Exercise & don't make excuses! Take your pup for a walk, it's good for both of you. Find out what days the closest yoga studio offers community classes at a cheaper price & ask your friends to go too! 
-Make a meal you're proud of. Plan ahead to roast a whole chicken using fresh herbs. (Don't forget to include your greens!)
-Light candles… all the time. 
-Go to the library & pick up a book that you don't have to commit to. Find something you've always been curious about & learn something new. 
-Rent a movie.
-Bake something & give it away.
-Listen to music you don't normally listen to; try 60s French Pop or symphonic! 
-Buy yourself flowers at the grocery store. 
-Have friends over for a late drink on a whim.

And always take pictures of the mundane, find ways to make your routine more beautiful, I promise it will make life more enjoyable. Pretend the flowers bloom for you.

With love, 


Black & White Film

Here are some photos that have been stimulating me lately. 
I've not been able to get away from combining efforts to create something with my Canon AE-1 & rolls of Black and White film. There is a lot of exploration to be found this year & I'm enjoying delving into it.

All photos cited on my pinterest.