I find our journey as humans fascinating and bizarre all at once. How are we who we are? What is it that causes us to operate in such a way? We are all so very different, I often times feel like a mystery even to myself…which could be eerie, but I think it’s more exciting. We think we know some people to the very core, but the truth might be we don’t even know ourselves.



Embracing Winter

Slowly, but surely we're making our house a home and doing our best to plan nights of home made dinners with flowers on the table. Well, I shouldn't say plan… when these nights do happen, it's usually on a whim, which I don't mind so much. Autumn is dwindling and the sun sets around 6 o'clock, which  tends to put a damper on the evening, and yawning begins much earlier than intended. I'm trying to learn how to embrace this winter. My mindset is that winter is over after Christmas ends... But the reality in the Midwest is that is just when it begins. It's easy to get in an emotional or creative doubt during this season. 
I don't want it to be as harsh this winter, I want to develop ways to really savor this season. When the sun sets early, I want to turn on my lamps and plug in my stringed lights. I want to make dinner in a dimly lit kitchen with quiet music playing, muffled in the back ground. I want to set our table and eat dinner by candle light. I'm going to look at this winter's dark as just the means to soak in night life. It might be an excuse to make more dinners romantic, get in your pajamas a litter bit earlier, or read a little bit longer before your slumber. 
How will you create ways to make this winter more bearable? I would love to know how you intend to embrace the dark this winter. 

Warmly, always.

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September, you're sweet.

Life lately has been a whirlwind of constant motion. I know you all know how it is, but sometimes I don’t know how you manage to do it, and seemingly so sanely. I’ve been married for over two months; I have a little family now. My little family consists of the most handsome dark-eyed man, and the cutest, feathered-headed mut. We live in an old brick apartment near downtown Springfield. We carry on daily routines that keep our lives spinning in circles that move forward… but sometimes those circular routines seem to be spinning in place and not really moving anywhere. Nate and I both work part-time jobs at a Natural Food Market in Springfield. I go to school three days out of the week and we shoot weddings most weekends during this time of the year. I find time for homework and dinner during the week and he finds times for editing photos, photoshoots, and watching the occasional episode or two of Breaking Bad on Netflix. We take care of our pup and occasionally meet our parents out for breakfast or head to their homes for cookouts on weekends. This, in a nutshell, is our customary patter.
Occasionally, we plan trips… occasionally we realize that we are overdue for a refresher and we need to throw some spontaneity into our tiring routine, but most of the time we stay consistent and true to our mediocre lives. We’re young and we’re building our careers. We are in a stalling stage of development and formulation.
Sometimes, though, don’t you want to just drop everything and run? I can tell you, that’s how we feel a lot of the time! We are a couple of restless spirits.

After two months of settling in, I have sort of gotten back into the swing of things! We’ve bought some furniture; made many home-cooked meals, done lots of laundry, and vacuumed lots of dog hairs… and now I think (I hope) I can invest some more of my time transforming my blog space into a new home as well! I look forward to growing with you all and continuing to share bits and pieces of my ever-changing, but seemingly always constant life.

This morning was the first day it's felt like Autumn. It's September sixth and when I woke up, I rolled over in my bed and saw the rain hitting the window panes of our back room through our bedroom window. Wrapped up in my favorite crocheted throw from my grandmother, I rolled over and nuzzled my head into the sheets. It wasn't long before my belly grumbled and I was thinking about what form breakfast might come in today. 

After slowly tearing myself out of bed to comb my hair, I leashed Margaux up to take her outside… Pleased to discover it was about sixty degrees and drizzling. It was sweater weather, so I pulled on my softest one and laced up my duck boots to grab breakfast with my sweet husband and our friends at Gailey's Breakfast Cafe down the street. 

After ordering eggs- over easy, sausage links, sweet browns, and a cup of fruit, I felt satisfied with where my Saturday morning was beginning. Holding a warm dark mug of brew in my hand and admiring  the greens in the window of the Cafe, I looked out at the shiny, wet streets of downtown; I felt good about where I was. The moment was well worth marinating in and being thankful for. 

I’m glad to be back, documenting my favorite things about life. Even though it is hectic and stressful often times, I relish moments when I can set down with a cup of hot Rooibos Chai and a few dried figs and just write about simple things that bring me joy. 

Please be doing well friends, I think of you frequently. 

With Warm Regards,


Our Wedding Day in Black and White Film

Nathan has always been a huge film enthusiast. If he had it his way he would shoot everything in film. The images are just so raw and rich, there is a certain inaudible romance about a film photo. A lot of the romance is in the process; It's slow, thought out, and you must have patience and a real sense of what's going on around you to take photos that are worth holding on to.

A few months before our wedding, Nate's friend Roger Ellsworth offered to come out and shoot our wedding if we'd pay for the expenses. Nate was ecstatic and so humbled that he would want to be a part of such a huge moment in our lives. Nate and Roger met weeks before, in Santa Barbara, California at a photography workshop, Photo Field Trip. They instantly clicked and knew the friendship would see it's self rekindling once again, some way, some how. 

This friendship was revived and strengthened the few days Roger came out and met our families and our hometown and our hearts. Roger blessed us with his presence and his talent while he was out here. 
He captured gorgeous images from our wedding day, images that make my heart feel alive, images that bring me back to the best day of our lives. 

Enjoy wondering through these, friends, and then head over to his website and give a look at his incredible body of work

Warmly // Sarah