Valentine's Style / Frolic Vintage

Valentine's Day is a day we all want that romantic look. Many girls are planning to go out and buy a new dress or outfit for a special night out. This week I visited Frolic Vintage in downtown Springfield, to style some Valentine's Day numbers. 

Frolic has such a great variety of pieces, you could create something subtle & sweet, or sexy & daring. For me, I like to wear something I feel comfortable in, but still pretty! I love flowing pieces  & florals. 

Here are some looks I went for & then some other items I loved that aren't necessarily my style! 

Ladies, don't forget about Frolic Vintage (online or in store) when gearing up to create you look for love this season.


  1. look number two. oh my gosshhhhhh. (...it includes a white dress, so obvi i'm game.)
    also, i hope you took home that black slit-sleeve dress, because, hot dang, girl.

  2. You have such beautiful style! And I love your blog, has given me heaps of ideas! Thanks xx