Traveling to Portland!

Friends of Portland! 
My boyfriend & I will be traveling to your wonderful city next week, between September 4th and 9th. We would love nothing more than to meet up with some good folk and share conversation over coffee or embark on a grand photo adventure! 
We would also like to add to our "to do" list. If you have a favorite spot in Portland, please tell me about it in a comment below, if you would like to make plans to meet up you can email me at sarah.eliza.thomas@gmail.com and we'll try to get together!

Truly // Sarah 


Back to School Trail Mix

Back to School Trail Mix :
Dried Apricots
Dried Strawberries

Happy Back to School, friends // Sarah 


D I Y : Pipe Pouch

I recently had my friends very talented dad craft me a pipe, I asked him if he could burn an echinacea flower on it and he came up with the loveliest design. I've just been smitten over those blooms this summer so I thought it would be a nice addition to my new companion.
After receiving my pipe and smoking it once or twice, I decided that I needed to make a little pouch to carry my pipe necessities inside of. 
I visited my town's leather goods store and went straight to the scrap bin priced per pound and picked out the softest shade of brown I could find as well as grabbing a couple one dollar ties for the draw string. Other than that all you need for this project is a sewing machine or  needle and thread and a hole puncher! 

First you, measure your pipe and the goods you want to fit inside of your pouch. 
Then cut out two identical peices.
Next, sew the two pieces together, outside in.
Flip your pouch right side out and you're almost there!

Take your hole puncher and punch two pairs of two holes into each side near the top.
Lace in your leather string and draw it up.

Now you have a friendly pouch to put your goodies in! Yay!

Of course, your pouch could be anything you want it to be and doesn't have to house a pipe, that's just what I use mine for! You could use it for a snack sack or a pencil case! Absolutely anything your little heart desires... that is small enough to fit in this handy pouch. 

Truly // Sarah

Pipe courtesy of Wellswood Wood Works. Find him on Facebook to receive your own personally crafted pipe! 


As of Late.

Things around here have been pretty hectic as of late. Working and preparing for getting back into school this fall has been consuming a good chunk of my time. Thankfully, priorities have been written down and sat in front of me. I have still set aside space for things like making breakfast with friends on rainy mornings, reading, and plenty of french press cups of coffee before work. 
I just finished reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (which I highly recommend to all of you). I haven't been consumed in a good book in quite a while. It's so fun to get lost in the pages of another time and seeing into another's life and mind. Reading is such a refreshing activity, that's been my main retreat lately. I have been dragging a reading material everywhere with me and pulling it out in any spare time... breaks at work, free time at home, and grabbing it when I'm sitting with family in front of the Television. I've been waking up a half hour earlier than required and enjoying a small breakfast with myself while thinking about the day that lies before me. 
These small moments and minute activities have really helped keep me running lately. 
I'm so excited for fall. I feel it's going to carry many new beginnings. Two of my close friends have moved places recently, another has gotten engaged, and another is starting a new job. I am so excited about these surrounding changes, even though I personally am not experiencing them, it's neat to observe how they adjust to the changes. This fall I will be beginning at a new school, I'm rather excited about making new friends and learning new things. 
It's been raining almost every day here for the past two weeks; which is really peculiar for August. None of us are complaining, but I think it's making us crazy about Autumn being just around the corner. 
I'm getting giddy thinking about hayrides, apple cider, plaid, scare crows, pumpkins, and falling leaves. 

Thanks for always listening.
Truly // Sarah 

P.S. I would love to read about some of your favorite things about Autumn. Also, any good book recommendations, I'm looking for a new escape. :)