Our Wedding Day in Black and White Film

Nathan has always been a huge film enthusiast. If he had it his way he would shoot everything in film. The images are just so raw and rich, there is a certain inaudible romance about a film photo. A lot of the romance is in the process; It's slow, thought out, and you must have patience and a real sense of what's going on around you to take photos that are worth holding on to.

A few months before our wedding, Nate's friend Roger Ellsworth offered to come out and shoot our wedding if we'd pay for the expenses. Nate was ecstatic and so humbled that he would want to be a part of such a huge moment in our lives. Nate and Roger met weeks before, in Santa Barbara, California at a photography workshop, Photo Field Trip. They instantly clicked and knew the friendship would see it's self rekindling once again, some way, some how. 

This friendship was revived and strengthened the few days Roger came out and met our families and our hometown and our hearts. Roger blessed us with his presence and his talent while he was out here. 
He captured gorgeous images from our wedding day, images that make my heart feel alive, images that bring me back to the best day of our lives. 

Enjoy wondering through these, friends, and then head over to his website and give a look at his incredible body of work

Warmly // Sarah