It was the First Day of Summer.

Dress// Love Birds Boutique | Hat// Forever 21

Yesterday was officially the first day of Summer and let me tell you it felt like it! I was more than happy to find some shade to snap these pictures in. 
So let's talk about this dress! My friend Amanda Rose sent me this lovely little number from her new boutique! Isn't it perfect? It's my favorite balance of modern meets western. It's so perfect for summer and it's now probably the most comfortable dress I own.
Friends, you've got to check out her variety of dresses on their (newly launched -yay!- ) website. 

I hope you enjoyed your first day of Summer! Let's plan a float trip!

Truly // Sarah

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Favorite Summer Looks

summer loving

Here are some recent pins that I have published. I love the Vintage Folk feel always, but it's especially fun to express during the summer. Add a hat to any outfit and I'm happy as a clown.
I love to dress up like I'm attending a music festival or going to a picnic. These are a few of my favorite summer looks. What are yours? Find me on Pinterest to see more things I am crazing over. 

Truly // Sarah


Spread the Inspiration

For those of you who don't know, my boyfriend Nathan is a very talented photographer. He has taught me how to use a camera and helped me so much with developing talent through the eye of a camera lens. He has somewhat recently started a tumlbr displaying his film work over the past year or so. It's so good, guys. The photo above is a pretty double exposure he took of me with his hasselblad. 
If you want to see some really pretty work, check out his photos on his blog The Summer of my Youth at : nathanstracke.tumblr.com
I'm sure you'll find inspiration in what he's published.

Truly // Sarah


Project : Nightstand Restyle

Furniture is expensive. If you're like me... a poor college student, you know that furniture is one thing that you must find at a flea market or salvage left overs from a family member to furnish your space. I was fortunate enough to receive my brother's hand-me-down nightstand and dresser for my room. I wasn't complaining, I love the western styled handles and cuts they have. One thing that bugged me though was all the damage on the table top. There were markings with crayon and pen, scratches, and ring stains. I wasn't expecting any less... it was already a miracle that it lasted through my brothers child hood! Yikes! 

 So I decided to challenge myself to a little (Super easy!) project to make the nightstand mine and to hide some of it's blemishes! I have always been a fan of my parents' childhood photos, so I visited my Granny and looked through some of her albums. I scanned my favorites and started assembling a collage. I incorporated some polaroids from my instax and some pretty magazine clippings as well.

 Once I organized them on my nightstand, I decided to add some flowers that I had dried. After this I pressed on a glass table top that I had made in town to seal it all up, protect the pictures, and keep it all in place. It turned out nicely.

I'm excited with the outcome. I think this would look lovely on a living room coffee table! What a fun centerpiece to a room and a great conversation starter. Friends and family would love to look at these.
Do you have any fun projects planned to improve your space this summer? 

Truly // Sarah