6.21.14 // The Best Day of Our Lives

On June Twenty-First, Two-thousand-fourteen at six-thirty pm, Nathan and I committed our lives to each other. This day was not only the most magical event I've ever experienced and the best day of my life, but it was also our wedding day. From start to end it was perfection (with minor stressors, of course, don't believe we're inhuman). I could walk you through the entire day and share with you how I felt and all that we did, but a better way for me to show you are the pictures captured on this day. 
I wanted to pick a handful of my favorites to share, but when it got down to it, I wanted you to be able to experience and feel how the whole day felt. So here is (the majority) of our photographer, and one of our dearest friends, Christian Gideon's photos.

Warmly // Sarah