Developing a change of aspect on life...

Work just enough to get by.
Let your love for others overflow.
Spend your time doing things that make your heart sing.
Create things that cause people to feel emotion.
Accomplish only things you will be proud of. 
Constantly remind yourself of God's grace & purpose.
Remember, everything is better when shared with someone.

Truly // Sarah

{Photos taken with my thrifted toy camera & expired fujifilm. Boy pictured: Nathan Stracke, of course.}


My favorite is tagging along.

My boyfriend is a professional photographer. Sometimes I get to watch him work. 

The other week I tagged along with Nate to take photographs of our lovely friend Logan. Here are some moments. Check out his post at his blog, lensmanphotos.blogspot.com.

Truly // Sarah

P.S. I got back from Italy a couple days ago! I cannot wait to share with you all that I saw. Blog post coming soon. 


Odds & Ends

{ The more peaceful moments of spending the day with two crazy, wonderful little boys. }

Truly // Sarah