Introducing Alexa Brooke Smothers

Friends, I am so excited to present to you the first collaboration and feature here on Floral Mountains. I want to introduce to you my dear and beautiful friend, Alexa Brooke Smothers of Horizon and Form. Alexa will be visiting my blog once every couple of months to show you how to highlight your natural aesthetic through the beauty industry.

I met Alexa via internet about a year ago. I was immediately drawn to her sense of creativity that she portrayed through her style and appearance. I then set up an appointment with her at the salon she worked at in Springfield for a small cut and conversation. To say the least, we hit it off. We chatted about blogging, style, personal creative goals, photography, and music. This lady was definitely my type. From there on out we kept in touch through social networking… I started blogging and not long after Alexa began her personal blog, Horizon and Form.

Thereafter, we decided to work together. I can’t wait for you all to discover her talents while revealing a little something about yourself along the way. I want you all to get to know Alexa, so here are a few Questions I thought would help us identify and relate with her.

Q : What are your favorite things to do in your free time?
A: For as long as I can remember it has been filled with lipstick and hairspray. Among the cosmetology side of life, I love capturing the world around me behind a camera; sometimes I like to be in front of it. I love creating things that make the every day prettier, whether it’s planting a cactus to put on a shelf, or putting an outfit or shoot together.
When I'm not creating, you can find me with an xbox controller in my hand and snuggled by my husband to be, or out nurturing my shopping addiction with thrifting.

Q: Explain what you do professionally.
A: I've been a professional cosmetologist since the beginning of 2012 and an aspiring photographer for years before.  Loving everything about the industry, it’s hard to pick just one outlet. I tend to lean toward makeup artistry, however, I would love to eventually be able to have a business, where hair makeup and photography are a one stop shop.

Q: How long have you been practicing hair and makeup?
A: Practicing hair and makeup was never foreign to me. Home-schooled until high school and having an aunt and grandmother with a salon, I basically grew up in it, which definitely spawned and inspired my love for all things fashion. Even as a slight tom boy, growing up in the middle of nowhere, I would braid my hair to go climb a tree, because that was the "look" for tree climbing. Yeah, I did that.
I got my first camera as a gift at the age of 14, and shortly after that I began doing my friends hair and makeup for prom, senior pictures or we would create a shoot just for fun. Because of my love for it, the career kind of found me.

Q: What makes you passionate about hair and makeup?
A: I am so passionate about what I do because I love the look on someone’s face, when you can tell you have brightened their day. In a world that pushes products upon products and edited beyond belief photos on our society, I love being able to show someone that they are beautiful with what they were given.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I would describe my style as eclectic minimalist. I love unique pieces, but don't like to over do it. This is the same with my hair and make-up. A bold lip or an overly curly mop is right up my alley, but its all about balance.
My comfort outfit is a high waist pant with a crop top and bold shoe, or a funky dress and hat and always, always a cat eye. 

Q: Tell us about your career currently and your dreams for the future.
A: Currently, I am trying to find a salon job as I just moved to Nashville a few weeks ago! I plan on being behind the chair, along with freelance makeup and photography until I eventually can do it all self-employed.

Readers, look forward to hearing more from Miss Alexa. In the mean time, visit her blog, Horizon and Form to be inspired.

Truly // Sarah


Calendar For A Cause

My talented friend, Sein Kwon is a part of a traveling worship ministry called Heartsong. Heartsong is a group of 6 female vocalists, 6 male vocalists, and 10  instruments. 
They have recently been provided the opportunity to travel to Italy and sing in several churches, as well as the Colosseum. This is such an exciting opportunity! Sein is trying to fundraise her money so that she is able to go. 
For those of you who don't know, Sein is a very talented photographer and blogs over at Seinbox.blogspot.com. She is the most kind hearted gal I know, her friendship is most meaningful and irreplaceable, she is a bright light in the Lord's Kingdom. 
Sein got together with 12 photographers around the U.S. to put together this beautiful 2014 Calendar that she is selling for $10 a piece (+$2 for shipping). 100% of the proceeds is going towards her trip. 
If you are interested in purchasing one of these beautiful calendars, email Sein at seinboxphoto@gmail.com. 

Truly // Sarah 


Winter Greens & Wisdom Teeth

Yesterday morning I got my wisdom teeth out, It hasn't been too bad. I'm doing my best to keep up on my pain medication and I'm attempting to keep myself busy so I don't get a crazy case of Cabin fever. A Major Video is going out of business this week in town so the other day I went and bought the majority of Wes Anderson's films to keep me entertained. Today I am swelled up like a chipmunk, it's a rather silly picture. 
The last couple days it's been f-f-f-freezing in Springfield! It's way below zero with the windshield, so I guess it's a good few days to be stuck inside. I've constantly been craving that Spring air and outside adventures again. The other day I went to one of our local green houses in town, Wickman's Gardens and got a few succulents for a sun tea jar I thrifted months ago with a friend! I love the way it turned out. In-door Plants and flowers are such a nice way to keep from going bonkers during the winter season. It's always so nice to see the way the morning light reflects off of your window greens. I hope your week is going well so far, my friends! 

Truly // Sarah


Our Engagement

As most of you know Nate & I got engaged back in September on our trip to Oregon. It was the most perfect moment created. This man walked into my life a couple of years ago and made it so much better. I love him much. 
Last month, our dear and talented (not to mention beautiful) friend Kinsey ventured with us to Arkansas to capture some official Engagement Photos. Kinsey did an incredible job, of course. I had to share with you all way too many photo's from the shoot, because there are too many goodies to keep them all to my self. I hope you enjoy this little photo story. 

 Truly // Sarah