Reflecting & Looking Forward

2013 has held my favorite memories so far. Some of my most cherished memories were the ones I made in Italy in the Spring and Oregon in the fall. I have grown creatively, made some incredible new friends, Nathan and I got engaged, and I got to adventure more this year than I ever have. It was such an incredible year of growth & good things! 
2014 holds so much change and many hopeful things. 
There are many goals I wish to obtain, as well a huge life changes taking place. I will begin working on classes that go directly towards my degree this semester and I will be getting married in June, which marks a huge and exciting new chapter in our lives! Amongst many other resolutions and goals I have set for this year, I have many high hopes for this year. I believe it holds some truly amazing things.
I hope 2013 was memorable for you, friends. I pray blessings upon this next year for you, make 2014 the best one yet! 

Truly // Sarah


  1. congratulations! happy new year and I enjoy watching your 2014 :)


  2. Happy 2014! And what a great photo, for some reason I love plant nurseries like that!

  3. lovely year and looking forward to another! xoxo


  4. 2013 was a definite memorable year for sure! I am so glad it was memorable for you as well!
    Pinch of Lyss

  5. I'm happy to hear it's been such a nice year. 2014 will surely bring many blessings!

  6. you're beautiful. i'm so excited to watch you have such an exciting year! xoxo

  7. It sounds like your 2014 is going to be stellar as well! Exciting :)