Favorite Summer Looks

summer loving

Here are some recent pins that I have published. I love the Vintage Folk feel always, but it's especially fun to express during the summer. Add a hat to any outfit and I'm happy as a clown.
I love to dress up like I'm attending a music festival or going to a picnic. These are a few of my favorite summer looks. What are yours? Find me on Pinterest to see more things I am crazing over. 

Truly // Sarah


  1. I love the dress in the bottom left.. and festival style is always a good idea x

  2. i completely agree! i feel so much freer & experimental in how i dress in the warmer months. and that opens so many doors of creativity & energy. can't get enough of this season!

    also: your phrase "happy as a clown" is maybe one of the most darling things i've ever heard. i re-read it in your last letter to me & just giggled. i love it & you.

    1. Oh wonderful! : ) I get so sloppy and rambly in letters! I'm working on improvement - don't you fret!

      Loving you back my friend.