Traveling to Portland!

Friends of Portland! 
My boyfriend & I will be traveling to your wonderful city next week, between September 4th and 9th. We would love nothing more than to meet up with some good folk and share conversation over coffee or embark on a grand photo adventure! 
We would also like to add to our "to do" list. If you have a favorite spot in Portland, please tell me about it in a comment below, if you would like to make plans to meet up you can email me at sarah.eliza.thomas@gmail.com and we'll try to get together!

Truly // Sarah 


  1. I'm a recent follower of your blog, this is beautiful.

    What a wonderful way to welcome in September/fall.. enjoy!

  2. Portland is my favorite city in the whole US! If you have extra time, you HAVE to go to the Columbia River Gorge (it's about 30 minutes from Portland)--it's the most gorgeous hiking you'll ever do. Waterfalls everywhere. Crown Point Vista House gives a fantastic view of the river.

    In the city, definitely check out Powell's. Mother's has an absolutely incredible breakfast, and Stumptown or Ugly Mug for coffee. If you've never been to Portland, go to VooDoo Doughnuts--it's touristy, but popular for a reason! :) The food carts are always a good bet, too.

    Have the best time! I'm drowning in jealousy over here!

  3. I just got back from a trip to portland! TWO things that you MUST DO:
    Eat at Por Que No?
    and get Ice Cream at Salt and Straw.
    you will not regret it.

    i'm posting pictures from my trip all week, so check those out if you wanna. i also went to the coast which is TOTALLY WORTH IT. it's magical.


  4. 1. yes, yes! go to powell's books. it's lovely. also, robbie proposed to me in portland! he took photos of book covers in powell's to spell out "will / you / marry / me ? " -- so if you happen to snag a special photo there for me, i will positively die of happiness.

    also, stumptown coffee roasters & voodoo donuts.

    so pretty much what jess said. : )

  5. Oh I am jealous! Though I haven't been, I feel like Portland is right up our alley. But as soon as we get our RV and start traveling the country we are heading up the west coast first. I'm definitely adding some of these things in the comments to my to-do list as well. Hope you have a blast!