Oh, the Holidays.

It's finally to that point… when you must set aside time to take down the freaking Christmas decorations. Now that the next holiday is on our tail end, I need to get the silver garland off of the stairway railing and attempt to break down my Christmas tree. (It's shoved in the coat closet, currently.) But, hey…at least I got the decorations up within pretty good time, right? (Just say, 'right')

Maybe a better idea, would be to string some hearts on top of the christmas garland and wa-lah! I'm ready for Valentines day! How well do you all get those decorations down for the new year?
Valentine's day is a really fun holiday… mainly because it gives us ladies an excuse to buy a new dress and curl our hair. Do any of you decorate for Valentine's day? I will at least use it as an excuse to keep a huge bouquet of flowers on the table all month long.


  1. Your dog looks so content and adorable! so sweet. :) I took my Christmas decorations down on Jan 1st…but they are still sitting in the giant "Christmas" bin in our living room, waiting to go back into storage. Soooo you're definitely not alone! ;) I'm a new follower to your blog and I love reading it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am terrible at decorating for holidays, but I always like baking... so I guess my decorations will be valentines cookies. not a bad idea, no?

  3. So adorable!

    Robbie and I both love decorating for the holidays. And Valentine's is actually our favorite holiday of all!

    We have a couple sweet garlands we like to put up -- and then we always have a makeshift one we arrange each year; vintage Valentine's cards & doilies clothes-pinned to a string. And, often, there's a Valentine's fort that goes up, too. : )