This season is incredibly busy and hectic for me. Nearly every ounce of my day is intentional. There are very few gaps of time that I can say is 'Free Time' anymore... and let me tell you, it's really not my style.
My third semester in college is nearing it's end, with working 30 hours a week, counting in homework and school projects, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I would do if I did find some free time. In the calmer months I would read a book on break at work, but I have found my self resting my head on the table where my whimsical reading material used to lie. I used to blog or take photo's on the weekend, but with finals coming up, these things are likely to be classified as irresponsible. 
The other day, I was on my way to class. I got about half way to school when I turned back. I found myself at Fellows Lake, near my house. I pulled up to the dock and then realized what I was doing. I started thinking that I should be in class, and  it's so close to finals that I'm probably going to miss something imperative... but instead, I slammed my door and ran to the end of the dock. I breathed in the splintering, ice cold air for 1... 2... 3...held and 'haaa' out. I thought. I felt like I was being held down by this routine. No room for creativity or freedom makes me feel that way, but I had to chose to over come it. I needed to accept that my "challenges" are all very minute in a world of pain and suffering. I need to chose to be filled with light and shed it. 
I ran through the trees by the lake, I prayed for refreshment and encouragement. I screamed and galloped around and then started laughing at myself...I'm sure I looked crazy, but I felt the Lord smiling down on me, because He loves me. I'm thankful for the moments of peace and happiness He can bring to you when you need them. 
It is important for you to set aside a time, at least once a week, to free yourself. I have recently began attending Hot Yoga. It's very physically challenging and difficult, but when you finish, you feel accomplished and like you've gained a little something each time. It's eighty minutes of gathering with a very diverse group of people to go through the same motions, but these same motions mean something different for each person. During these eighty minutes I find myself seeking peace of mind. I like to block out the day and focus on myself, focus on strengthening my mind, body, and spirit. 
I encourage you to find an activity, a quiet place, or a meadow to gallop in.
Free yourself from your worries and know that you are loved. 

Truly // Sarah


  1. There is nothing I could relate to more right now. Definitely what I needed to hear today.

    Finding comfort in the song "As Long As You Are Glorified" by Soveriegn Grace Ministries.
    -Shall I thank you for days of sunshine
    Yet grumble in days of rain?-

  2. I love this. Moments like you just shared are honestly some of the best. I'm right there with you. Work, School, Homework, and Repeat. Sometimes we need a breather, time to refocus and collect ourselves. Something I need to make time to actually do! I love how positive and encouraging you are Sarah. You're a much needed spirit in this world!
    Xo, Emma

  3. gorgeous. encouraging. wonderful. true. God bless!