Youthful Aspirations

Celebrating the coming of Spring fills me with the utmost amount of joy. I couldn't ever obtain enough flowers, ripe fruit, or iced coffee during this season. Walks in the neighborhood and wearing hats around town causes an unbreakable smile across my face.

 The other day I got off of work, bought four of the most perfectly ripened red bartlett pears, a coconut water vanilla iced latte, and rushed over to Nate's apartment for an afternoon walk, before grabbing dinner at a local food truck (with the most incredible Mexi-Thai tacos!!). The weather was 73 and cloudy and we walked with bliss. Springfield is known for moody forecasts, so of course we were savoring this weather with the knowledge and probability that we might have to grab a coat for the next morning.

That evening, I met with a good friend who was in town from school. We had pastries and coffee and talked about dreams and our exciting youthful aspirations. Chatting about life and hazy desires always leaves me with a certain fuel of inspiration and motivation to continue to press on towards ultimate goals. 

 Spring is such a refreshing season. It's always a marvelous reminder of new beginnings and tangible hope. I'm welcoming Spring with open arms and bright eyes. I hope you allow Spring to bring exhilarating ideas and feelings into your hearts. 

Warmly // Sarah

Outfit Details : Hat/Forever21, Top/Forever21, Jeans/Vintage, Shoes/Target.


  1. Lovely! Is it weird I remember you winning a beautiful Hackwith dress?! Wanting to see it on you, loved so much!!

  2. sarah, those pants look amazing! im so glad they have an owner who rocks them. they deserve to be worn.

  3. I need that outfit!!! Those pants are adorable!!!


  4. That outfit it's so perfect! Such nice top.


  5. this time of the year, walking around the neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do. that, and shop for flowers :)

  6. Beautiful outfit & photography!
    love your blog

  7. Your style is amazing, and that blouse is perfection! I'm loving flowing-boho-1970s styles right now.

  8. I love your style! :)


  9. I'm totally in love with your outfit and climate of these photos <3