Happy Mother's Day

{These are just some pictures I scanned at my grandma's house a few years ago, they've been hanging in my room ever since. This is my beautiful Momma.}

My Mother is the best & most beautiful lady on this planet. She has taught me everything good. I could never thank her enough for loving me as wonderfully as she does & giving me everything. 
You mean the whole world to me Momma, I will always be your dolly.

Truly // Sarah

P.S. Make sure to give your momma's and mom figures extra kisses at this special time. 


  1. You two look so alike!! You're both gorgeous!

  2. oh, these are beautiful, sarah.

    i so wish i could give my momma a big squeeze today. she's too far away!

  3. These pics are looking so nice. I'm sure that the mother in these pics have liked the gifts and enjoyed the mothers day. Nice post.
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