{photo by Nathan Stracke.}

Sunday I turned nineteen.
My eighteenth year has been one of the best years yet. 
I've learned a lot about myself and have developed all together into more of who I want to be as a person. This has also made it one of the most difficult years so far, it has held a lot of realizations and changes. 
I've made more valuable friendships this year than ever before.. but at the same time I've felt lonelier than i ever have before at certain times.
I've found more creative outlets through my blog and my developing hand at photography... These are a couple of my favorite accomplishments. 
I committed myself to a very wonderful man at the earliest part of my eighteenth year.
I have traveled to Europe... This is probably one of the greatest highlights of my eighteenth year & a terrific  way to finish it off. 
I've started out my nineteenth year by switching jobs... I now work as a barista at a local natural food store, an endeavor I am more than excited to begin. I have transferred to a community college in my town... I am going to focus on where I want to direct my life educationally there. 
I finish finals next week & my first semester of college.
As soon as school is out I plan to start summer by chiseling away at some of this years' goals. 
I want to read more, be more devoted to the people and activities I love, travel every time I get a chance, practice photography, begin many new hobbies, sew more,play outside, save money, & foremost, become more passionate about my purpose on this earth.
I love that my birthday is at the start of Spring. Spring in many ways symbolizes new beginnings. I can't wait to see how the last year of my teens turns out. I plan to make it extra special. 

Truly // Sarah


  1. Happy Nineteenth! Loved reading your goals, especially " become more passionate about m purpose on this earth"~ ill have to add that one to my list ^.~

  2. Happy nineteenth! I am nineteen myself and I loved reading this, I can relate to so many aspects of what you wrote. To a wonderful new year (also, after reading that last sentence I am a little bit jealous that I don't get to have my birthday in Spring ;)

  3. Enjoy the last year of your teens. And happy belated birthday :)
    xo TJ

  4. oh, sarah, i just fell a little more in love with you after this post. you are an absolute LIGHT, my dear.