Assisi | Italy

Assisi, Italy was quaint and enchanting. From the road a ways off, you could see Assisi on the hill. It was so visually exciting to come upon, because the city looked like a pile of white. Unfortunately, the first day there it rained all day long, but that didn't keep us from our little exploration near and around the hotel, attempting to take pictures under our soggy umbrellas. I was swept off my feet... but that happened even before I stepped foot off of the bus. Here is an excerpt from my journal expressing my first impressions of Italy. 
"Today was quite wonderful, but very tiring. Once we left the airport we hopped the tour bus from the airport in Rome to Assisi. The ride there was about three hours and heart-wrenching. Driving by all of the small villages made me long for independent discovery of what the Italian culture is like. It seemed like all of the beautiful, colorful cities were built atop hills in large clusters. Many homes were neighboring the highway. We got glimpes of lemon & orange trees in back yards & clothes hanging over balcony railings, drying, still soggy from the recent rain. There were herds of sheep in the valleys and castles on the hills, & rows & rows of lovely grape vineyards. Italy is incredibly charming."

{Our hotel in Assisi.}

"We visited the Basilica Papal... It took my break away. I walked into the chapel & felt a strong sense of holiness. I cried. I was humbled. The art and architecture was incredible, the history. It's all so amazing inside the Basilica. It made me realize how casual I am as a contemporary christian. I forget the respect, awe, and fear I need to have for the spirit. I will never forget the surreal feeling I held inside of that holy place as my Aunt and I held hands with tears in our eyes."

 It was so hard to bid farewell to the beautiful city of Assisi. 

Our next journey was to the grand city of Florence. I will be sharing those photos and experiences soon.

Truly // Sarah 


  1. This photography is absolutely stunning. Makes me long to travel! You captured all of the moments so perfectly :]

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    xo sharon

  2. Beautiful photos as always (and you have such a cute smile!) x

  3. I love the coloring in your photos. Amazing shots!

  4. you're an incredible photographer, lady.

    and i loved hearing the bits straight from your journal.

  5. Oh gosh these photos are stunning. I'd love to visit Italy some day! So jealous!

  6. Gorgeous photographs. Italy looks so beautiful.


  7. your photographs are very inspiring. you have such a talent! your blog in general is just inspiring. thanks for sharing everything!

    lindsey louise


  8. Such charming pictures & I loved the peek into your travel journal~~ thank you for taking me to Italy!

  9. Sarah, you've got so much talent for photography I like every single of your pictures! It is such a delight for my eyes. GO ON! Bisous. Sarah