Florence in the Rain

Oh, Florence, you romanticized me and took my breath away. This city is amazing, I fell fast and hard for it. The majority of time time we spent there it rained, that was sort of a bummer, but I didn't mind it so much. The first night there I went to bed in a daze and woke up at about 2am and then didn't fall back asleep for hours. I could not get my mind off of being so in love with Italia. The people, the art, history, culture, architecture, everything engulfed me. 

Our beautiful Italian Guide - Fabrizio

Street side roasted chestnuts- you bet I got me some.
A carousel in the middle of the city <3

My Aunt left her camera at the restaurant we ate at the night before. You have no idea how hard it was trying to find our way around Florence with a very poor makeshift map to get back to the place we ventured upon the night before in the dark. As you can imagine, after that, we were ready to relax.
Here is a piece of what I wrote in my journal:
"We treated ourselves to pistachio gelato, a cappuccino, and a wine tasting on Via Pepi. My free time was spent bartering over Italian scarves, taking photos, visiting a lovely fruit market (where I bought dried kiwi, strawberries, and cherries) and wondering around until dinner. Dinner time was beautiful. We ate mozzarella, fresh tomato, & basil as an appetizer. Roasted garlic chicken and garlic yukon potatoes for the main course. Desert was a small bowl of coconut cake, with the fluffiest mousse. Oh so yummy. We walked outside and the bells were ringing, an italian man threw open his shutters and shouted 'PAPA!!' Italy's new Pope had just been elected."

I will share some more photo's from my last day in Florence very soon. I think Florence ended up being my favorite city, although each one had unique characteristics about it that I loved just as much as the other.

Truly // Sarah


  1. So jealous! Looks like a beautiful place even in the rain

  2. U have beautiful pictures! Im desperate to go to Florence now! :D Cant wait for more!!

  3. wonderful images - I especially love the b&w view of the city & the carousel reflected in the puddle :)

  4. Oh, SO lovely. Exactly how I remember Florence, a little dreary but perfectly magical. My husband and I went to italy on our honeymoon :)

  5. these are magical and not tourist-y at all in the best way. like you were one with the city, if you know what i mean.