Roma, Italia

In Rome we visited the Colosseum, we saw the Palatine Hills and the Roman Forum, we walked original roman roads, and ate eggplant & zucchini pizza, fried artichokes, and coconut gelato. We bought a few pastries and ventured through a closing-up street market. We toured the Vatican City and St. Peter's square and church. We saw the Pantheon, made wishes into the Trevi Fountain, and enjoyed magnificent cappuccinos. 

I miss this country a lot. The experiences I had here were irreplaceable and unforgettable. I hope and pray to visit Italia again. Next time I would love to wonder into small-town life and explore more of the country side of Tuscany. Although, anywhere in Europe would be impeccable.
Thank you for taking the time to sift through my photos and memories of these beautiful cities. I'm so happy I got to share them with you. 

Truly // Sarah


  1. I've loved following your adventures. So beautiful and serene. I hope one day to visit Italy and see it for myself.

    x dotti dee

  2. These photos are so gorgeous. Rome is such an amazing city full of inspiration.

  3. wow first of all i am soooo jealous. second of all, thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!

    glad i stumbled across your blog!



    1. Chandler! Your blog is incredibly lovely! Excited to start following you!


  4. lovely photos! looks like a wonderful experience :) i visited germany a few years ago and ache to go back. i hope you get to go back too! travel is such an inspiring thing.


  5. so beautiful + inspiring!! the husband + i are planning on visiting europe next year, oh how i love it there!! xo!

  6. That's it. I've got to get to Italy! I've loved all of these pictures! Glad you had a good time. xo

  7. ahh these are so gorgeous! you really captured the beauty of the city. I love looking at your blog. you are truly inspiring:)

  8. I get completely lost in your pictures every time, they tell such a beautiful story! as always, thank you for sharing your amazing adventures x